Hello Greetings from Denmark Is anyone speaking english in here This was the...


Hello, Greetings from Denmark - Is anyone speaking english in here? This was the only group i could really find which seemed to have a lot of people in it.

I just bought this DT 175, 1996 - I have some problems with the lights on it, i have no neutral light indicator when the transmission is set in neutral, i have no breaklight with both front and rear break.

Also im looking for parts, such as battery holder and airfilter box.

If im not able to get the parts, i would like details about the battery holder, i would like to know if it's part of the filterbox - i have no battery and no holder, and no filterbox, i have small open airfilter, cone.

Would i be able to fit battery holder without the airfilter box, or is the battery holder suppose to lean against the filterbox so it doesn't fall into the bike/chain and more..

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  • -check then the bulb in the dashboard isn't fused

  • yes, i need to replace the light bulb for RPM gauge too, but i havent figured out how to get to it yet :)Ø

  • the battery holder and the airfilter holder you should try to find it via amazon, also, and better, find an official yamaha dealer in denmark and ask for the original OEM parts, which are:



    3TK-1 4451-00



    < p>1VJ-14462-00


    3TK-14472- 00

    for the airfilter assembly, and



    for the battery holder assembly

  • Gonzalo De Chico Holy, thats alot of parts for the filter box and battery holder, does that include screws and the battery iteself, btw, do you know what battery specs it has? :)

  • Just sent an email to Denmark's largest Yamaha dealer.

    Crossing fingers.

  • haber muchachos si alguien lo ayuda y le pone foto a la caja filtrera y foto lado dode apoya la bataaa, seamos solidarios

  • Today :) Hehe

  • Kasper, en la seccion archivos estan los diagramas que necesitas,

  • Thanks, i use translate.

    I will take a look in the files of the group, thank you.

  • Thank you very much, now i understand it perfectly.

  • Hehe... Empty :)

  • Today i might have found one guy, who has airfilter/battery holder for sale, in my country - crossing fingers.

    I tried to examine wires with a multimeter(VOM), i think i have located my indicator wires and the battery connectors too - i can't find any fuse, where is the fuse suppose to be, or what does it look like on these bikes?

    I've been searching for the ground connector, cause i think the ground might be related to my rear-light problem, but i haven't been able to locate it yet.


  • The battery receptacle is in the filter box

  • Thank you, that's already been pointed out :)

  • mi DT 175 mod 2001

  • la anterior 125

  • otra 175

  • Le falta masa ....

  • What do you mean? :)

  • My friend came over this weekend, to help med fix the bike, The ignition has been replaced now, and everything is functional again thank you everyone who have put effort into this case - i'm so happy now, been drinking too many beers to ride now, will ride it tomorrow - finally! Thank god - and bless you all! <3

  • I'm happy for you ....

  • my too.