• Hello guy s

    Hello guy's

    I'm having some 5 speed used and new spares for sale

    Would be useful for someone if they're making a complete conversion from 4s to 5s

    The following items are available

    Covers new 5000 set

    Bore standard 15k I series running 5k kmts done

    Head 5s,no pit marks for 2.5k

    Carb 5s 2500

    E2 two bores of 5s

    .25 running 5k done and .50 that needs rebore to next size

    Crank assembly,doesn't need a reset for 1.5k

    And repaired clutch bell for 1.5k.

    If anything is needed please call or WhatsApp 8147504288

    • .25 bore price

    • crank size std??

    • Crank is reset

      No play

    • Will WhatsApp you

    • ok

    • if u have std crank plz let know..any condition

    • Shridhar Chiya. Contact Savin. He has spares for 5 speed

    • Gearbox for a 5 speed required

    • As of now

      All sold