Hello guys


Hello guys

What is the best sprocket combination to my 18 inch. Rear wheel.

Thank you in advance ride safe

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  • Regardless what rim size you have, rim size is irrelevant. Some just use the stock 14-tooth front with 50-tooth rear, while some 14T front and 49T rear, while some use 13T front and 49T rear, while some use 14T front and 51T to 52T rear. Stock lang ang gamit namin Atz (14T front at 50T rear sprockets), for whatever rim size gamit namin sa back wheel. Ganito lang ka-ordinary looking ang stock sprocket at bakal ito (steel-type) pards.

  • Atz, sakaling bibili ka ng rear sprocket, alamin mo ang year model ng YZ mo pards at kung akma sa sprocket na bibilhin mo. Yang mga sprocket pag binili mo ng brand-new, may plastic seal mga yan at naka-label mismo sa sticker kung anong year model ng YZ at ng ibang motor ito pupuede. Sa Caloocan Sales ka na magtanong o di kaya kay boss SixGears na member din dito. Heto number ng Caloocan Sales - 02 364-3652, 02 364-7967, 02 365-7274, 02 364-0982. Kumpleto sila ng parts manual ng alin man motor. Goodluck.

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  • Don't mention it pards Atz, i just learned these things. You're welcome to inquire. However, if parts sales enquiry, bike enquiry pertaining to buying, please post ka nalang doon sa separate page natin "Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke Parts & Items". You will see the link of this page by reading the pinned post at the top of this main site. Thanks pards.

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  • My yz125 came with stock 19's