Hello to all Am looking to install a plotter fish finder on my 242 and was...


Hello to all. Am looking to install a plotter/fish finder on my 242 and was wondering if anyone has any experience or suggestions with any models that fit great in the limited space around the cockpit.

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  • Here is where I mounted my humminbird 698ci sidescan/chartplotter. Works great.

  • Looks good. Considering pulling the trigger on one myself...

  • Very nice thank you. I hear the hummingbirds are very user friendly.

  • Just be aware of you go with any sidescan unit you will need 2 transducers. The other brands required 2 if you want sidescan, one for down imaging and another for sidescan so I don't think it was possible. Humminbird was the only brand I could find that would do both with only 2 transducers.

  • Ok thank you for the info Mike. I will definitely keep that in mind.