Hello what gloves do you use for cold weather My fingers literally went numb...


Hello, what gloves do you use for cold weather? My fingers literally went numb today riding with a Dainese Air Hero. I didn't realize 50F will feel so cold.

My first exp riding at such lower temp. Also any tips to keep the helmet visor from fogging up?

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  • RainX antifog works real well. Also baby shampoo, wipe it on a dry visor and let it dry. This can leave streaks on your visor though.

  • Rainx is not safe for motorcycle visors or any plastic type material. It will distort your vision over time.

  • A car.

  • Here's some tips from a Louisiana rider/offshore worker

    Latex gloves underneath your normal gauntlet perf gloves will work till 40 degrees the latex acts as a wind blocker

    Fogging: keep visor up while stopped close when going to take off, it fogs because of your breath, as soon as your going it'll Defog. Don't waste $$$ on spray

    Any "winter" gloves restrict your movement way too much IMO I ride all year round with my perf gauntlets on.

    Heated grips work wonders too. Pin lock if fogging is that big of an issue or get a helmet that has a crack visor option like a BELL.

    You will be cold it's cold weather season but any numbness that comes is less restrictive that a cold weather glove

  • I've got a heated jacket liner and glove liners that I attached to the battery. I can ride all year here in Georgia

  • Warm jacket with a full inner liner Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0, Joe Rocket Atomic overpants, Joe Rocket Wind Chill gloves, HJC helmet with pinlock insert, Joe Rocket VX2 boots, and a balaclava.. can easily ride in the 40's and be warm.. freeway speeds are another issues though.. lol

  • Just throw those liners from cycle gear in them once they go on sale. They are great.

  • I have grip warmers best thing I got

  • I wear Dririder Alpine gloves here in Australia, fingers still get cold though but I like the idea of the latex gloves inside. His winter got down to around 2 degrees Celsius so not sure what that is there

  • Latex gloves - nice tip! I had winter gloves but hate the loss of feel.

  • Klim Element Gloves here and love em. Tried the rain-x plastic spray designed for motorcycle use and it was a bust.

  • What liners are you referring to? Any specifics?