Tool off my clutches to clean them and now I can't get my belt to sit right

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  • I got the same prob

  • I literally tried everything I don't know what I did wrong

  • I've been fighting mine for 3 days I put it all together last night and said screw it done got agrivated hopefully it will work itself out after a Lil riding lol..

  • Looks like the wieghts fell out of place when you reinstalled it

  • I'm about to that point to

  • I didn't take it that far apart though never even opened that up

  • Did u have the belt off

  • If u had the belt off and moved the primary sheave in the the wieghts have all fell out, you will have to take the primary apart and put it back together. It's not that hard of a job but if you don't it may damage the wieghts and possibly the primary itself

  • Ok I'll take it apart and see what it looks like

  • Alright bud I just took mine down one last time and the roller had fell over and we're trashed now they are bk together and run good

  • Did u cheak the wieghts yet

  • I just did and that was the problem!

  • When mine done that I left my cover off and Crunk it and gave it some gas and the belt fell back in place and never gave me anymore problems