I have a 2014 and I cut my windshield down to 5" from the center metal chrome. I love the look but now my head shakes when I go over 50MPH.

I hate it! What can I do about it besides buying a new stock windshield?

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  • Affirmative Lionel. 5' 8", put on the 8" CB and immediately got buffeting. The fork deflectors eliminated 99% of it. Stock windshield is horrible in the rain and REALLY catches the bugs. Can't stand trying to look thought it.

  • If you want a windshield drive a car.

  • John you should call it a bug shield instead of wind shield lol

  • Bulls@ht shield.

  • Aww man! I too really like the looks of the short windshields. But the functionality of the big old factory is great. I ride in all kinds of weather and won't change it. I thought about getting a short smoked one or something, but nope. Sorry 'bout your luck.

  • I am 5' 3", and I have the 8 inch Cee Bailey's windshield and Memphis Shades Fork Deflectors. I just completed a 5500 mile trip and both served me well, rain and shine. I also have my original 12" shield for sale for $85 plus shipping if anyone is interested. I replaced it when I got the bike.

  • Lionel , where did you get that chrome piece, that replaces your passenger seat ?? and can you strap stuff to it, for a trip ??

  • I ordered the fender cover ( rear) from my dealer thru Yamaha. I put risers under the chrome and yes, I strap all my luggage to it.

  • Steven Michaud that bike is Lori Byrd with the chrome.