Help Has anyone put the quick release sissybar and when you put it together...


Help! Has anyone put the quick release sissybar and when you put it together then the saddlebags do not fit anymore. Supposedly we have the right kit but it just doesn't fit when you are mounting the bags back.

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  • It is the Yamaha quick release sissybar. I would appreciate any answers

  • try removing the spacers they say to put in. i had they say problem

  • Might have the wrong istall. kit. Mine fit fine

  • We have gone to the manufacturer's site and we have the right kit, so they say. It just doesn't align for the back side

  • And we cannot close the kids on the saddlebags ugh! Frustrating, sigh!

  • I had the dealer install them when I bought the bike and have had no issue and love it.

  • That's what I'm going to do, take it to the dealer. This is extremely puzzling. Oh well, we tried the best we could. We have all the parts but unfortunately something is not fitting correctly. Live and learn.

  • When I got my bike from the dealer and had them install the quick release sissy bar, one of the things the told me caused a delay with putting all the parts on was they had to order a spacer kit to go in between the saddle bags and the mounts for the sissy bar to fit

  • I got the spacer kit you are talking about. It just doesn't fit even though supposedly is the right kit ???? as I said, I have to go to the dealer and get them to do it. Maybe they know something we don't.