• Here is a short video of the Hypercharger working on my VStar for anyone of our...

    Here is a short video of the Hypercharger working on my VStar for anyone of our members who hasn't seen one in action can watch how it works. Robert Sanders

    • lol, Safety wire?

    • Sorry guys and gals, had to do it

    • Its all natural aspiration except that hyper charger has the same restrictive air dumbing as the stock air box as well as the butterfly valve, as far as I'm concerned best performance comes from the stealth air kits no restriction, the downside being that the air under the tank is hotter than that on the side coming from a scoop would be colder and there for denser, the two systems cancel each other out, and for the record I'm a California smog tech so I have to know how hp parts change the running of an engine, and I'm very good at my job

    • I just realized we are all arguing, while we are on the same side of the argument, lol

    • exacto!

    • Now you are thinking and learning. Very good grasshopper.

    • I've run both... kind of. I had the hypercharger and it was better than stock (and way sexier) and now run pods with the hypercharger just feeding cool air up under the tank and it does perform better with this set up.

    • If you are going to run both pull the filter out of thte HC and block off the lower air inlet for max effect, I also changed over to the stinger trap door (sans filter) for more air flow.

    • That was a great discusion today on the hypecharger vs run pods! Tomorrows argument/Lesson will be straight exhaust vs high preformance exhaust on the VStar! LOL Robert Sanders