Here is my ride 2000 Yamaha V Star Cruiser Classic Recently just before...


Here is my ride 2000 Yamaha V-Star Cruiser Classic!. Recently just before Thanksgiving my son bought himself a motorcycle, which instantly brought back those great memories from my youth. I asked my wife if I could go buy a bike, but because of present day funding buying one was not going to happen. I discussed this with my son in that I really wanted to ride with him. A week or so after this conversation, I received a phone call from my son asking me to drive over to his friend's house to see a jeep they bought to fix up, and when I arrived I saw this bike parked in the driveway. After looking at the jeep I ask whose bike it was, and at that instant my son threw the keys at me and said "It is yours daddy. I just went and bought it for you from a guy East eighty miles from here". My wife found about it on Face Book while she was at the mall. My amazing gift from my son, is a 2000 model Yamaha 650 Cruiser V-Star Classic. I have added a windshield, and removed the back seat rest, and it is a nice ride! Since then we both took the three day North Carolina motorcycle road course to get our endorsement, and have been having a ball with some great father and son bonding journeying out on the many two lane farm country roadways here in our state. Thanks again for the membership. It's great to have a motorcycle again!

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  • Wow. So nice to hear. Enjoy.

  • Outstanding/Blessings...

  • Would your son adopt me?

  • And even greater to have been blessed with a son like that. Cherish the times together.

  • Fantastic story, enjoy the ride and time with your son, you got a special family there.

  • Awesome

  • Great!

  • There is some good golfing down that way also. Ride safe brother.

  • Great story. Live it up!

  • Wow, nice bike. Great job on raising such a classy kid too.. big pat on the back to BOTH of you.

  • That there is awesome! And folks this is how you know you've raised your kids right!

    Thats a good lookin scoot, enjoy the ride! Even better when you're enjoying it with family!