Here is what my bike is doing

Here is what my bike is doing:

1: Starting hard (before it fired right up).

2: backfiring (excessively) even in higher gears if I backoff slightly on throttle (any gear).

3: if I jump on the throttle (love it ... and I do it a lot!) I like the rumble this bike give about 75-80mph the speedometer will fall back to 30-55mph (still going in that nice rumble zone .... doing 75-80) if I let bike sit and cool speedo works fine if I jump on it same things happen.

I took my bike to a great shop they work on sport bikes and everyone said they are super!

They told me my clutch is slipping! I ordered friction plates.

Maybe (speedometer problem might be solved).

They cleaned some valves about the popping (still pops bad)

Still starts bad.

They told me to get a Power Commander 5 .... I ordered one is on way! (I want one I have cobra pipes bought the bike this way... no PC5)

I feel this will not fix excessive popping!!! ( hard to tell wife ... hey babe I want a PC5 for the bike .... since the guy said get one!)

I think it's the Raiders fuel pump it has a crack. It would cause my symptoms!!! There is a YouTube video on raider fuel pump .... a must see.

When I go back to the shop to have them do my clutch and PC5 install and tune on dyno(not sure the machine they map out the bike) if popping and hard start I will tell them to watch video.

Anyone have had or having fuel pump issues or my symptoms ???

  • The popping is from the fuel mixture being wrong when you add pipes or even a bak you have to get a tuner but for the speedo issues start checking all your wire connections that's the cheap way

  • When I bought the bike it had cobras on it with no tuner ..... it would pop here and there ...but now it's constant

  • I got about 33k+ miles been a lot of people having fuel pump issues around 26k

  • If your fuel pump is cracked and hard starting it's not getting enough fuel. A power commander is not going to fix it. You can add aftermarket exhaust without a computer because your not putting anymore air into the motor. A faulty fuel pump will also make it feel like the clutch is slipping. If you are putting in New friction plates you need new steels also. And the Speedo is electronic they go bad. I believe there is a thread on this page about it

  • It will get worse over time are the baffles in the pipes

  • Baffles still in

  • Charles I know your right ... the PC5 was on my list to get.

    Here is the video I found about fuel pump and my bike is showing all symptoms except the weird noise

    I will find out next week if it's the fuel pump or not when I get my friction plates and PC5 ... but it's starting to look like the fuel pump. There seems to be problems with the fuel pump from what I am reading on the boards.

  • If you're doing the clutch do the entire pack. Metals and friction. What happens is the metals get seated to the frictions that are there now and when you put new frictions in it will shine the steels making it almost impossible to grip. I learned that lesson the hard way on my CBR 900rr. Did all that work and was so loaded I had to do it twice I broke the clutch basket the second install. One clutch cost me over 1000$

  • Shop told me just friction plates I'll be sure to ask about that

  • First thing I thought of was the fuel pump after reading the symptoms

  • Same thing happened to my bike Last Summer, I could not figure it out either could two independent bike shops. I took it to the Yamaha dealer here where I bought it a couple years back and they told me it was the fuel pump. I only have 12,000 miles on my bike and the service tech manager called Yamaha corporate and they granted me a new fuel pump for free. That was a nice gesture scenes how they wanted 700 for the pump I had to pay the labor to replace though. That cured all my problems.

  • Thanks Len ..... I am having the shop look at the fuel pump this week