Here s a puzzle Installed tail tidy with LED indicators and resistors hazard...


Here's a puzzle. Installed tail tidy with LED indicators and resistors, hazard lights flash once that's it. Thought oh well I will get a relay tomorrow. Installed front flush LED'S with NO load resistors and now harzard lights and all working.

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  • Probably something to do with evening out the load across the entire circuit, so maybe the load difference on let's say just the left hand side with 1 halogen and 1 LED is okay but when you're trying to run the entire circuit with both sides flashing and half and half it might be too much.

  • But in saying that I'm running halogen rear and LED front and my hazards work fine :/ maybe the length of wire between the control and the lights has something to do with it too. That's the only thing I can think of :/

  • Yeah. The only thing with adding the LED'S at the front is reducing the overall circuit resistance. Maybe fine, a bit of calc with ohms law later. I've still got smaller mirrors to put on with LED indicators..... may not wire them up now

  • Well if you add the resistors in you're actually adding more than what it would have from factory with factory bulbs

  • Yes, but now they are all LED's. I might just go and get a flasher led relay just to be safe.

  • Oh of course! It's necessary.. will flash far too quick without it

  • Flash rate is OK, got the load resistors in the rear but that defeats purpose of LED's. If I get a relay I can take them out, they connect in parallel and create same resistance as normal incodecent bulbs. Plus the oem relay is only good for 4 bulbs. I will have 6 if I wire mirrors in