Here s my 2013


Here's my 2013

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  • Sounds good, I might try one the next time I need a tyre, thanks

  • Why does everyone change from a 19 to an 18 inch rear?

  • Check that out.

  • That is sleek!

  • Are you doing land speed records with that back sprocket? How big is it? I've run a trials uni on the back of my YZ125 more by accident than design once in the bush because I had it set up for flat track and because were were mainly fire road racing on pretty good, dry hardpack rock and dirt roads and mainly riding on dry rock on the single trails I didn't really find it a disadvantage at all. In fact I think it was an advantage as I think I actually had more rubber on the ground than a knobby and it didn't walk around on the knobs in high speed corners. I also had a 13 tooth front ssprocket on instead of a 12 so I had heaps of top speed. It was only a crappy old hard trials uni too, nothing special and I was riding with some seriously quick riders too. My old 83 YZ125K earned some respect that day when I was passing new KTM125's like they were standing still. It was pretty funny when a young bloke with a new KTM 125 came up to me at the end of the day and asked what I had done to the dirty old YZ125 and I laughed and told him it was so stock it'd make him cry. There's not a non factory Yamaha part on the bike other than levers and brake shoes. Didn't tell him there was probably 30 hours inside the barrel and it was all match ported to the cases and the powervalve blended into the port so you couldn't feel the join and the ports has all been brought right out to match the liner. I never deliberately altered any of the port timings but on most of the ports there was probably 2~3 mm of alloy overhang over the steel so I just took the alloy right out to the steel liner which probably made all the ports 2~3 mm bigger all the way around and took out any casting flaws. The barrel's a beautiful thing to look at from the inside but if you look at the outside of the bike it looks like it's been raced in enduros for 30 years. Funny that, it has. Ah, the powervalve was accurately indexed so it opens exactly to the roof of the exhaust port too. Very important. You've got to make a bracket to bolt on and hold it there when you port the motor.

  • Are you from utah?

  • Me? No sir. I'm in Arkansas

  • Oh jw ha cause atv mc is based out of salt lake by me ha

  • Geoff Faulkner