Hey all


Hey all,

New to the group here. I personally ride an fz09 but recently picked up a 2009 fz6r for the wife and am having an issue with it. The throttle started to get sticky after only having put 30 miles on it after purchase. Bike has 4,800 miles total on it. It sat for a little over a year in a carport. I cleaned and lubed the throttle cables and it seemed fixed.....2 days go by and the throttle is even worse now and the butterfly on the TB's is stiff and hard to move even by hand I struggle to move it. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? Shop says I may need a whole new throttle body (1,480$).

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  • I had the same issue when bought mine (11k miles) and can be mainly two things: 1) cables need to be replaced and one signal is a sticky uncomfortable throttle and imprecise making shifting hard, 2) unlubed cables and throttle, mi issue was lack of manteinance, so I dissasembled throttle which is an easy task, cleaned and greased, lubed the cables and problem solved, had varoius conditions after that, dusty and heat trips, and monsoon rain, throttle still good.

  • Yeah that was my first thing I did. Both cleaned and lubed the cables. Also cleaned and lubed the throttle tube and handle bar. That didn't fix the issue....took off the fairing and removed the cables from the throttle body pulley and that is where I noticed the problem is actually at! The pulley should be free moving and snap back when moved. It doesn't snap back and is super hard to move even with pliers! Leads me to believe I need to clean the throttle bodies.

  • 1480 for TB's? that's a mechanical piece, maybe catched dust and got stuck, the work there is not so trivial but not hard, only it will take a bit long, maybe you don't need to remove TB's , just remove the filter box, spray with carburetor or injector cleaner, moving the TB's with hand is hard but it have to return like a snap, don't try to move the butterflies pushing them or you can bend them, do it where the cables heads are inserted, try not to spray much, only enough to clean and see if it get softer, next to the spring the oil from lubed cables can pour and catch dust blocking the normal movement of butterflies, after that I recommend a vacuum calibration.

  • If it comes down to throttle bodies, I work at a licensed dismantling shop in the stl area. I'm sure we would be cheaper than new. We have one fz6r is the inventory right now. And I know the tb's are good as I have ridden the bike. www.dccmoto.com

  • What the heck, no way bro, I dont know enogh english as how to explain properly, but there's a screw right below the throttle, open it up, and you will see the whole mechanism, which is very simple

  • Not sure if your trackin where I'm talking about? That picture is up by the handlebars...

  • heheheh that's what I supposed at first, we didn't read all your question because that is a so common problem caused by throttle/cables, your case is not, because a damaged TBs in such new and mint condition bike like yours is unusual, thinking in a bend TBs axis or something like that is almost impossible, I'm thinking is dirt (wich is strange too), maybe the tps got stuck but something trivial, that happened suddenly isn't? maybe is a fragment of the air filter that could break, in any case you have to remove the air filter box to check, the most odd thing is that the yamaha dealer suggested you to change the entire piece ¿they dissasembled the TBs to check?

  • Yeah I plan on removing the air box! But no I haven't taken it anywhere and wasn't planning to. I was also thinking it might be something like a fragment or some corrosion makin it stick! Hope it is just a deep clean it needs.

  • Yeah a strange coincidence must be, please keep us up to date with what work you do in bike, can be a real help for the others.

  • Will do for sure!!

  • If you need another tb set please check us out. Talked with owner and he was saying they are VERY cheap used. I can get you a great working throttle body set for 70 dollars USD + shipping. Any questions give us a holler at 314-771-4105 or holler at me on here. www.dccmoto.com

  • And i can even send you a video of the bike running with good working throttle body set before I dismantle it.