Hey be safe everybody had a lady hit me in the back while I was sitting waiting...


Hey be safe everybody, had a lady hit me in the back while I was sitting waiting to make a right.

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  • That really sucks! If they can't see us they don't deserve to drive on the road!

  • I can honestly say my pipes are were what saved me. As I saw this happening I hit my throttle and the loud noise was what made her speed check.

  • Hope everyone is ok!!

  • Glad you weren't hurt. People are idiots.

  • When you say lady do you mean bitch?

  • I cringe every time I'm at a light and see a car coming in hot behind me. Was rear ended once on a VTX and the driver didn't even get out or roll his window down. They just looked and me and were like,"You gonna move over or what?"

  • Damn...That's the kill shot. Hope you're okay

  • Hope all is well

  • Stupid drivers...

  • 2200$ in damages total. I'm actually out of the country for the month, it was an old Eastern European Lady who barely spoke English. Going to to invest in a new muffler now or potential a cover for it.