Hey BT brothers is there anyone from Italy I have to make a trip to Italy to...


Hey BT brothers, is there anyone from Italy .. I have to make a trip to Italy to pass the "Technical Inspection" for my BT... have none from there, so any info, advices and so on are very welcome.

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  • What do you mean? Why here in Italy? Ciao!

  • Ok. If you have a aftermarket exaust, they must to be silenced, and also the dame for mirrors, direction lights, and very important it's have right size tyres.

    This is the italian law. Someone respect, someone not.

    I think that if your tyres and exaust are ok, no problem.

  • Anyway, this is your "enemy", the italian highway police.

    Make attention, and have a nice holiday.

  • Ah you mean police in Italy? Nothing is allowed here in Italy but I think that if you ride safe and respect speed limits you as foreign biker will never be stopped by police!

  • Hi, My BT is registered in Italy, I can not register it in my country cause the law not allows cars/bikes older than 10 years to be imported an registered. So I am riding the bike based on "general attorney" document from previous owner. I have full right of it, the only problem is that "technicla inspection" procedure, that I need to make on origin country. That why I have to make this trip.

    I can not make this procedure in my country since it registered in Italy...laws laws, bad laws )) And I can not drive such bike without this technical revision.

    Here is the photo of document

  • Very usefull info, thanks a lot.

  • Do Police know what tyre should have every model of the bike ? At the moment I have 180 tires :D ...instea don required 170

  • Make sure you have all original I mean exhaust tyres etc but I think before start you should contact some legal agency here in Italy why laws are so complicated here in Italy!

  • They know the right size by bike document.

  • And keep your bike STANDARD if you can.

  • Thanks for adivces

  • ride ... and enjoy. Slow down in case you see other bikers flashing.

  • Hey Sasha i go to italy this year to. Como.