Hey Bulldog lovers If any of you are planning to travel around the Uk and ride...


Hey Bulldog lovers, If any of you are planning to travel around the Uk, and ride past London, don't forget to visit the legendary bikers' place, ACE CAFE (London) It would be nice to see more Bulldogs over there :) If you are planning to come or in the area, shoot me a message and we'll meet up for coffee (I live a 15 min ride from ACE)

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  • I will be there for the Rockers Reunion and Brighton Run, 2.3.4th September. I am usually the only Bulldogger there. Be good to see another one.

  • Right on brother, I will see you there then!

  • My wife is at London next week. Gonna tell her to bring back pictures of this ! Thx !!!

  • This was last night at ACE. It's the busiest night over there, though. Usually just a line of bikes in the parking lot. You go in and have a nice burger or sit outside with your coffee and chill

  • Try a big breakfast, it will set you up for the day.

  • I definitely will sometime.

  • Some days too late, Aaron. Have been there in early May, but unfortunately without the Bulldog ...

  • Cool! Hope you guys had a blast! I've been going there quite a lot recently as I'm real close but never, ever do I see another Bulldog, so please do come on the bike one day :)

  • Same up our neck of the woods a squires cafe, never seen a bulldog apart from mine there either!!

  • Just looked it up on the map and actually you will see another one a week Monday as I'm gonna ride up to whitby!

  • I am here having my burger right now and have to say this place is far better than Ace! Inside, outside, the roads on the way here..