Hey everybody I can t get the top rear shock bolt out on my warrior to switch...

Hey everybody I can't get the top rear shock bolt out on my warrior to switch out cause the stock rear shock is blowed I have two other rear shocks to try out has any body had the same issue

  • Penitrating oil over night and then hit that fucker hard as you can

  • alright I'll try that man.

    if that still don't work a friend of mine told me I should try to heat it up a little bit with a torch would you recommend doing that

  • You Can only thing it will melt the rubber bushing in the upper eye but stock rear shock is crap anyway on the warrior right

  • Only other thing you could do is pull the air box and saws all between the mount tabs and shock and cut the bolt on each side

  • Yea the seals are blowed and it doesn't have no rebound pressure at all. but the spring is still good

  • Upgrade to a banshee rear or 01 660 with remote ressy

  • are they expensive? I have a shock that come off a Banshee or warrior it has 20 adjustments rebound

  • Search Ebay sometimes you can find em around $60 - $70

    I have a yellow banshee rear that I had the shop recharge with 200 psi of nitrogen

    It's missing the adjustment dial on ressy and might need to be rebuilt not sure though don't have a quad to fit it on to test it but I'm selling it cheap at $35 shipped

  • I'll let you know on that shock man. I need to try the ones I have first to see if the work

  • thanks for the great removal bolt tips Edward. do you know anything about the DG RCM exhaust system?