Hey Everyone


Hey Everyone,

I have a 2009 fz6r. Just rolled over 5k miles. In the last week or two I have noticed a sort of "grainy" or rough feeling in the throttle. There is no noticeable performance lag or anything of that sort. The bike just feels rougher. This is my first summer with the bike so one thought is it could be the heat/humidity? I bought the bike in late September last year and have not had the bike out into the mid 90's until recently. Has anyone else experienced this? Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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  • I'm at 7.5k almost and my bike gets up to like 214% when sitting in traffic but it goes back down. I'm normally between 170-190

  • Ooh this wasn't an overheat question.. My bad, and no lol

  • Lol well at least I know the temps on my bike are normal. Thanks mic Mic Irvin

  • Winning lmao

  • Duh!

  • Your spark plugs may be getting worn and you may be getting a misfire at lower rpms.

  • lube it?

  • Wow! Totally off topic but your 09 just hit 5k maybe it's telling you she wants to be ridden more!! Haha my 2015 just hit 5k :S

  • Hah, bought it last September with 3.4k

  • Now I don't feel so bad for leaving her at home this morning.