Hey everyone I am looking for some feedback and advice I am interested in a...

Hey everyone! I am looking for some feedback and advice. I am interested in a headset to answer calls while riding. I know the Garmin has a Bluetooth feature. I was able to pair, but couldn't talk to anyone. Anyone using a headset?

  • I pair the gps to the phone and the phone to the headset.

  • I did pair my phone to the GPS, I could hear people but the couldn't hear me

  • Ok but I can hear my on the speakers. Not good at highway speed

  • Your idea with the ear piece would be better.I don't know why they couldn't hear you

  • Thx folks

  • The phone will play through the speakers, but there is no microphone so you can't answer. I use Sena SMH 10 works great and the stereo plays in my helmet.

  • Make sure also that you dont have it on MUTE

  • I have a Cardo Scala and can answer phone, can also talk to my husband on his bike. There are several models, ours are about 3 years old.

  • I put a J&M CB on my bike. The Garmin is plugged into the J&M's audio in jack. I have speakers and a mic in my helmet which is plugged into the J&M. My phone is hooked up to the Garmin via Bluetooth. When I get a call I tap the Garmin screen and I am talking on the phone with the mic and speakers in my helmet. It works really well. Satellite radio sounds a lot better piped into my helmet as well

  • I have the UCLEAR HBC 200. It is boomless, pairs easily by Bluetooth to my phone, and I can hear and speak on it, and listen to my music.