Hey everyone I have a quick question regarding mirrors I would like to put...


Hey everyone, I have a quick question regarding mirrors. I would like to put some under-handlebar mirrors on my Bolt. I figured the easiest way would be a clamp and a small round mirror. I can't make heads or tails of what mirrors do and don't work with certain clamps on Amazon's website.

Has anyone else put mirrors like this on, and if so, can you link me to the page?


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  • I used my mirrors like this, but tou have to take your hand from the handle bar to look in them. Was a little dangerous. Soni decide to place like they have to go. And yes i had to use those little convex mirror they help in blind point..but you look objects more far then what they are, so you have to be aware of that

  • On my old bike I used to have a set of Napoleon Bar End mirrors. You can mount them up top or under. I liked them a lot.

    http://bellacorse.com/shop/chassis/napoleon-bar-en d-mirrors/