Hey everyone those who painted their speedo ring black what did you use to do...

Hey everyone....those who painted their speedo ring black, what did you use to do it? Did anyone paint the chrome exhaust covers black? Debating on whether or not I should eliminate all chrome make it black. Any ideas, suggestions?

  • I slowly blacked mine out all around. I used the Rustoleum bed liner paint (which sucks as a bedliner, but works great for a tough finish). I just need to get to the front fork and I'll be good.

  • This is the 3 different paints I used..

  • I used Plasti-dip :)

  • Thanks

  • Pulls off with a flat head. Peeled off the old double sided tape. Scuffed up the chrome with a green scratch pad. Painted with some primer and then 3 coats of flat black (more never hurts)

    Then got some double sided 3m tape

    Cut some strips to replace the old tape. After putting it on. Peel stick and press!

  • This was my bolt before I laid her down =\

    all black

  • Yea, I think I like the all black look. Thanks for the pic!

  • I went with VHT wrinkle black on all the silver bits n peices. It's high temp and closer to matte than flat.

  • I love the green. What kind of fender rack is that?

  • The other side.

  • painted mine with black engine paint

  • Bought one from the US & my husband customised it to fit. We camp a lot & need something bigger than is on offer.

  • The whole bike,instead of just a snippit.

  • Cool