Hey fellow Riders I was hoping someone on here could help I live in Loudon...


Hey fellow Riders. I was hoping someone on here could help. I live in Loudon County Va, specifically Aldie, about an 1hr west of DC. I purchased Raider a few years back but have not gotten the use and pleasure out of it as I originally anticipated. For one we have four little ones under the age of 10, that keep my ass so busy, leisure time is limited. No. 2 I'm originally a Ny'er and have been here 10 years but for 5 of those years I was without a ride(motorcycle). No. 3 everyone out here is on that HD trip and I've neglected to join a "regular" club, bc it's not a lifestyle choice for me, but a love of riding, although I'm not against it by any means. In fact, I think it would be nice to meet other people and make new friends. My biggest issue is, I have only put 1500+ on this bike, do not want to sell it, I want to enjoy it. However, I've owned bikes in the past, been riding for 20 plus years and this bike although purchased as a (used new)2010 in 2012 through the dealership I just can't seem to get a fix on why this bike is not riding or running the way it should to my liking. It feels rough, and unlike my Road Star 1600 before, which felt like a Rolls Royce this doesn't roll through the throttle changes smootly , like any of my earlier bikes. Now I've never been a motorhead, had friends that were so I counted on them if trouble arose and was always advised by their expertise if something came up, which was rare anyway. So I refuse to get robbed and swindled by dealership rates and shops that will surely know, that my lack of knowledge to the issues that I'm having could spell dollar signs in their heads. If anyone knows a real honest lover of these bikes, with a true knowledge of their workings that wants and is willing to troubleshoot and help me figure and reach this motorcycle's potential and make it run like a finely tuned clock without breaking the bank, then please send me their info. I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks all. Love the forum.

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  • I'll help all I can. First a few questions. Has anything been changed on the bike? Pipes, air intake, fuel management system?

  • Nothing

  • It's all stock

  • I had the first oil change done with a bike shop in Fairfax and I got pissed bc he quoted me one thing on the phone and then overcharged me when all was said and done. We almost threw down. He would not release my bike after I started arguing with him. Regardless I wrote a bad review about them online and took it as a learning lesson. Since then I ride on the weekends I drive it to work on a few occasions and that's about it. He said there was nothing wrong with the bike when he never even rode to check what I was telling him. The odometer was the same. Regardless I didn't want him checking it out afterwards

  • Ok the bike will never ride as smooth as you other bike. The sport suspension is a little hard. You'll need to install a air ride suspension if your looking for a softer ride. A fuel management system will help the bike run smoother.

  • it's not the suspension it's the vibration it's the fact that it's a 1900 and I don't feel the power that everybody's bragging about.

  • If you have a few tools the oil change is simple

  • yeah man I know believe me I've gotten my hands dirty I was in construction for 26 years. If I have a guy show me once I'd pick it up right away. I just never tinkered with the bikes.

  • If you change the restrictive exhaust and install a fuel management system the motorcycle will fly.

  • I changed spark plugs, batteries, headlights, Brake levers, installed windshields and accessorized, tightened belts and that sort of shit but I always left the motor work to others. This of course with my other bikes

  • Yeah but shouldn't it fly right out the gate I get it you can increase the numbers, something is off and I can't pinpoint it

  • I have a vh big radius two into two, a power commander 5 and big air kit installed on mine. Runs great. It will really get away from you if I let it.

  • I often thought to myself this was a new used 2010 with like 0 miles on it, supposedly right out of the crate in the show room on special now if there was fuel in the tank and the bike was just moved around by hand and rarely started then could that be an issue maybe some sort of blockage of build up causing the injection system not dispensing the fuel well. That's just me trying to piece things together.

  • You may wAnt to get it checked out a the dealer. It may have a throttle position issue.

  • I guess I'm gonna take it to the dealership

  • I just hate all the stupid fees they tack on, and try to get away with

  • I have a Speed shop that takes care of mine. Yamaha in Shreveport la is also bad about tacking on the same stupid fees. Drives me nuts.

  • Stevros I hope I helped a little. If you ever have any questions about your raider just message me. I have a great resource of folks I confide in. Wish you luck friend.

  • Thanks Eddie appreciate it

  • TPS or coils hooked up backwards??

  • TPS maybe, coils were 08-09. Ivan's flash, for smooth throttle response and popping. Plugs maybe, loose wire, bad coil, air filter, dirty fuel system. I'd start with sea foam n checking connections, test. Then air filter, fuel system. My 2£...

  • If it's running rough. Try adding some Chem tool or Seafoam to a tank of fuel. If the bike sat for a long time with fuel in it before you bought it, could very likely have some junk in the fuel lines or injectors.

  • Haha. Never mind. Just read previous comments. My bad. I'd still go that route first tho.