Hey gang Happy Monday I m looking for a little guidance I m going to pull...


Hey gang! Happy Monday! I'm looking for a little guidance. I'm going to pull the rear wheel off the bike. Done it a million times on other bikes. But today I noticed something different. On the axle nut (right hand side of the rear wheel) I notice what seems to be some kind of little lock washer or something to that effect placed on after the nut. Do you just torque it off as you loosen the nut. Or do you have to get that off first somehow? Just curious.

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  • Yes and you will need a torque wrench for putting it back on also.

  • 110 ft lbs on axle nut

  • I just tried to get a picture of what I'm talking about. It didn't come out. Just looks like a nut on the end of the axle.

  • Here's what mine looked like, just be sure to note where your adjustment marks are and put it back to the same marks to keep the tire straight. I photographed both sides before I removed mine. Also it will help a lot to have two Jacks. Your bike jack to lift the bike and a small floor jack to raise and lower the wheel. Especially when installing the wheel. It can be tricky to keep the spacers in place and get the axle lined up.

  • Ya thats the same as mine, just spinn it off. If your belt adjustment is good leave the adjusters where they are and when you put it back on everything will be just as it was.

  • Thanks for that. That's what mine looks like. It's wierd. And I have a couple floor jacks at the ready along with my bike jack. Plenty of ratchet straps too. I just wanted to do all the real "bullwork" while the bike is on the ground. I've removed both wheels off lots of bikes. This one just looked different.

  • Ya, it can be fun jacking things up, I always get my wife to slowly jack it up as I stand there ready to catch it if it slips

  • Also you will have to remove the rear section of your exhaust. If it's the deluxe you are supposed to remove the left side bag, but I was just able to maneuver it out without removing my bag.

  • I took the bags off today. I have a different exhaust but plan to remove it to prevent scratching it up. But thank you any tips are great.

  • I did it without removing bags or exhaust