Hey group currently installing 12 in apes and am on the tail end of the job

Hey group currently installing 12 in apes and am on the tail end of the job. Having a problem getting the throttle to snap back correctly. With the switch housing loose it snaps back perfectly but once the switch housing is tightened it seems to be sticking and rolls back slowly.. the grips are avon and cables from ss customs any suggestions would be appreciated! Pic for attention

  • Make sure routing is correct too

    Good luck I did mine 8" didn't have issues but throttle cables can be annoying

  • Just installed the 12in drag bars, the nuts on the pulley the bottom ones I left tight but the top ones I left loose but tight enough. That's the problem I had. Also helps to have the housing on tight.

  • The control box twist it either down or up should help it did with mine

  • Play with the tension on the push cable. Mine had to be at the loosest setting it could possible be at for there to be no resistance when snapping the throttle. Once you get it make sure you snap the throttle with the bars cranked various ways to be safe.

  • When tightening the box,could it be clamping too tight around the grip?

  • If the drilled dimple is incorrect it might be binding the grip

  • Thats what it seems to be doing all is good till i tighten the screws...

  • If you want to test this keep the cables disconnected from the throttle body and see if the grip turns freely

  • The grip isn't rubbing against the plastic housing is it?

  • Hard to tell whats going on inside the housing but the rubber isnt hitting anything

  • I torqued mine pretty good and there was no issue. I didn't even use and lube cause I didn't want it to attract dirt but that may have been overkill. Maybe start by completely removing both throttle cables and just clamping the throttle tube to the housing and see if that give you an issue.

  • My bolt with 12in apes

  • Not quite dialed in yet but i think it sure looks good

  • Tim Schaedel where did you buy your sissy bar?

  • Its the yamaha model it was ordered by the dealer when i bought the bike... yamaha makes a short and a tall one.. (this is the tall one)

  • These are the 3 parts