Hey guts I have a question for you I have an 88 warrior that my electric start...

Hey guts I have a question for you. I have an 88 warrior that my electric start is not working on and my pull start spring was shot. So I got a new spring today and got everything put together. The warrior fired right up first pull. The problem that I have is that after every couple of pulls it seems like the spring fails and it doesn't pull the string back in and it won't catch on anything when I pull it. I have to pull it off the bike and take the plate off and put it bad in on then it works just fine again for another couple pulls then I have the issue all over again. Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Fix the electric start,lol

  • Lube the catch cogs up really good so they spring out to catch

    And you may have to wind it up so it has a little more spring tension

  • How do I wind it up more? This is my first time screwing with a pull string.

  • I am going to re wire electric start this winter but I need a way to start it In the meantime other than push starting it.

  • It wont take more then a hour to figure it out and fix the electric start