Hey guys

Hey guys!

Is this normal play in the kickstart? It seems to pick up on turning the engine a bit too low...

Should I inspect the starter gear for wear? The play does not come from the kick lever!


  • Cool thanks a lot! Yeah I noticed the hole after posting lol

  • Remember to align your marks on the kick axle and ratchet gear.

  • Where are these marks located?

  • One is on end of kick shaft, other is on ratchet wheel.

  • Oh cool those marks should already be aligned, I havn't taken out the kick shaft, only the spring is out.

  • You most likely, should be good then. Might want to check it, while it's out for peace of mind.

  • Yep, anyways I'll have to take out the clutch basket to reinstall the spring, otherwise it's just impossible to do . I'll check the marks to make sure everything is correct.

    Is it a common failure for the spring to become loose overtime? Because when I took it out, the engine was able to turn right at the top of the kickstart lever's downward motion...

  • I've never experienced any spring failures, mostly broken kick shaft. You shouldn't need to pull basket to install spring. Just pull spring guide out, then install spring, replace guide and connect spring end into case.

  • I've tried to do it with the basket in place, but I don't have enough room to twist the spring with pliers.

  • Try an exhaust spring puller, if you have one. Either way, you'll have it shortly. Happy wrenching, lol.