Hey guys Can anyone provide me the fuel filter part number for a 242 LS 2014...

Hey guys! Can anyone provide me the fuel filter part number for a 242 LS 2014 yr model?


  • There are the parts lists, I remember the fuel filters being a real pain for some reason. For example the oil filters are listed as "oil cleaners" I tried to look quickly but didn't know what system is is listed under.

  • Easy answer....It doesn't have one and if it does it is internal to the fuel tank and not serviceable. And yes I know manuals say to change them...

  • Thanks Dave, so, just oil and filter and plugs?

  • Yes. I have talked to the dealer on it. If you really want you can do air filter, but they are expensive, and it is usually not necessary. Remember to grease every grease point and everything that moves too

  • Also, some may disagree; but I recommend Royal Purple Marine oil, and iridium plugs.

  • Oh I agree, especially on the Iridium plugs! I have 3 yamaha sleds, 6 Jetskis and 2 boats and everyone has iridium, resistive to fouling, better starts, snappier response, on and on. Value because of how long they last even!

  • William Sotak give Royal purple a call and ask them why you should use them....they will talk with you as long as necessary and answer all questions. It is more a wear issue than life issue on the oil, because they will tell you to change yearly; I'll try to find a video on it if i saved it I'll post

  • I couldn't find the one I wanted, but you will get the Idea from this one. The big thing is their synerlec additive. Make sure to use marine or higher https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=8dEFGJqpCMY

  • Oh, by the way...I order mine from Jegs. I think it is in the $7/qt range and free shipping

  • Scott, you will need a pump to get the oil out too. You can buy one or rig one with a 5 gallon bucket, tubing and a shopvac(I'm too cheap to buy the $$$ ones...lol)