Hey guys gals just wanted to know what cameras you all use as I m looking at...


Hey guys/gals just wanted to know what cameras you all use as I'm looking at getting one and wanted to know which is the best and most compact one tia.

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  • I use a contour, I don't really like it. Dunno whether its the battery losing contact or maybe a problem with the memory card, but lately it's about a 50% chance I'll get home & have no footage. Thousands of people out there are happy with contour though , so go figure.

  • I think the memory card looses contact through vibration, i have a contour as well and have just given up on using it. I use a Replay XD 720, nice and small and get 2-3 hours of runtime from it.

  • I use both gopro and drift. I would say where do you want to mount it? I like gopro on bike and drift for helmet mount.

  • I'd like it to be on helmet I think do you get better view from helmet?

  • I like the pov better on helmet. But unless you mount it crazy far forward you get a bit of the helmet in the picture off to the side.

  • do drift have a helmet mount now, when i looked at them there was nothing

  • plenty of people with the drift on the helmet , so yeah they must have a mount available

  • Mount available. Comes with it. Mounting position depends on your helmet shape. Can definitely find spot. Might just be more forward or center on the side. Just remember to still rig a tether to like your chin strap.

  • I got a buddy that uses a go pro it's pretty bad ass

  • GoPro fell off from my bike with 100 km/h Still works perfect.