Hey guys. I got a problem with my 01 YZ250


Hey guys! I got a problem with my 01 YZ250

I flooded the bike badly during my last ride a day ago. Fell with the bike in a 3 foot deep pond. I drained the carburator, took out the spark plug to drain the engine, put a new spark plug, but it still wouldn't start. The bike was towed out of the wood. I tried to bump start it whilst being towed, the engine had compression but seems like it would not make fire. I tried to crank it, sometimes the bike would have no compression, sometimes it would be normal. I'm kind of puzzled here...

Today, I began taking it apart. My exhaust pipe was full of water, like nearly half a gallon. I checked through my exhaust port, ther is water on the cylinder walls, the piston/rings look OK, there are no apparent scratches on the cylinder wall. I can hear water in the engine case when I'm against the exhaust port and I manually crank the bike.

So here are my questions:

1- How do you guys drain an engine case? I thought of taking out the carburator and flipping the bike upside down with the piston at top dead center to evacuate the water through the intake.

2 - How do you deal with engine flooding with water? How do you make sure the engine is dry and won't rust?

The engine ran less than 5 hours since a complete top end rebuild (OEM everything, cylinder, piston, gaskets...) so I'd really like to save it from the flooding :(


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  • Filter is cleaned, I bought new plugs, tested them by grounding the engine, there is spark, fuel is clean, the engine is dry. Still can't start it. I'm testing compression tonight.

  • Turn the fuel on haha

  • Hahaha no worries the petcock is open!

  • Yay the bike finally started! Thanks for your help guys!

  • Good lad

  • Man I must've kicked it for 10 minutes straight. I knew it was going to start!

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