Hey guys i have a 2014 YZ250


Hey guys, i have a 2014 YZ250.

Its got just over 20 hours on it, when is it recommended to rebuild it?

It isn't used for racing now, only had a couple of meetings on it, but don't wanna wait for it to go bang.


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  • Haha, Nah it doesn't. My 125 ran for 20 years on that on mineral oil.

  • Hell, 20 hours is barely finishing breaking it in. You can run it till it losses compression or acts funny. If you warm up the bike properly then you can notice weird sounds or behaviors before it goes.

  • I run 50:1 Yamalube 2s. worked at a Yamaha shop for two yrs. I do rings every other Wnter and piston every third winter. did the same thing on my 98CR250 for 7.5 yrs and that fucker always ran circles around my friends 450 in the woods.

  • and at 50:1 my yz is still oily out the pipe each time I ride. my CRtho- neve r had a cleaner burning bike. hardly even smoked warming up.

  • 40 hours on a piston

  • after 60 hours I'm going to get a top end kit and inspect it. If it needs it I'll install new parts and If it doesn't then I'll put it back to gather and run it a longer . Inspect for cracks excessive wearing and scoring on the piston walls. I've seen people run bikes into the ground and still have massive power after hundreds of hours so it's hit or mis

  • Ps i'm not especially aggressive rider or very hard on my bike. I change my air filter after every ride I thoroughly clean my bike after every ride, I inspect for leaks or any other potential problems after a riding. when I ride it's a whole day event. Lol

  • Check the compression after new top end and every 10-20 hrs when it drops 10-15 % pull head and replace rings/hone

  • Have a real good look at the piston for cracks forming between the window in the back and the cut aways in the sides because that's where they go.

  • If your gonna pull it down you might as well replace the piston and then not worry about it for another 20-30hours.