Hey guys I have an 02 yz250. 03yz250wr model in Aus so it s street legal


Hey guys I have an 02 yz250 (03yz250wr model in Aus so it's street legal) and I'm wanting more stopping power out of the front brakes. Heard that a cr master will improve it drastically as a quick fix. Already upgraded to braided line and oversized front but can't get rid of that spongy feel. Any one done this swap or have any suggestions?

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  • Following. I didn't think the CR master cylinder helped the later YZs like it did back in the 80s?

    Have you checked the caliper moves freely on the slider pins?

  • Yeah mate, I put new Pistons and seals thru both the master and the slave.

  • Yeah, but does the caliper slide nicely on the bracket?

    FWIW, I agree with your complaint: I've never been happy with late model Yammie front brakes. It's not just a Nissin thing, either.

  • Make sure the initial bleed is done with the caliper above the master.

  • Being a WR has it still got the pressure operated brake light switch hooked into the line ?

  • Yeah it does. That's been replaced also.

  • Unless you've got it regoed and absolutely need it, get rid of it. Apparently it causes sponginess in the front brake too. I've got an '04 YZWR myself. Also is your front disc running true? The disc flapping around kicks the pads back and makes them spongy. I've replaced my disc with an aftermarket non floating one.

  • My front brake's pretty good. It's a little bit soft but it's not like it's getting anywhere near the bars and trapping my fingers on the throttle. I can still twist the throttle with the front brake locked and mine's still got that pressure switch in it that I read causes sponginess. I've been meaning to get rid of it but I need to buy the original banjo bolt.

  • there are levers that have the contact point closer to the pivot for soft feel and more power and farther from pivot for better feel

  • Make sure "ALL" air is out of system also