Hey guys I m trying to build pressure in my clutch leaver after bleeding any...


Hey guys I'm trying to build pressure in my clutch leaver after bleeding, any help would be appreciated 1st gen

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  • If you have a large syringe, you can back bleed it from the slave up to the master. If not, crack the master banjo bolt loose, pump very slowly until you get some fluid out of the bolt, then re-tighten. Inside the master you'll see 2 holes under a metal strip, the one closest to the banjo looks like it wasn't drilled completely through. It has a tiny hole, that releases pressure back from the line.Make sure the tiny hole is clear with a small wire or torch tip cleaner. Just slowly pump the lever, you will see large bubbles coming from the large hole, and tiny ones from the small hole. Having the bike idling, and slowly moving the bars from side to side as you do this will help. Patience is key here, just keep pumping till it starts to build some pressure, then bleed from the slave like a brake caliper. Once its firm, top off the master no more than 2/3 full. Cover any painted/polished surfaces, the tiny hole will geyser when you get close to done.


  • Right on with the patience and pumping lol. Was starting to feel like it wasn't working then I got pressure. Thanks for the help it works great.

  • You need some space in the master for the fluid to expand into when it's hot, or the clutch will slip when hot- 2/3 full on the master as close to level as you can get it.

  • Bleed the banjo bolt at your master cylinder. Make sure to protect your bike by putting a rag on bolt when loosening. Once or twice should get some pressure going.

  • MightyVac!