Hey guys I managed to suck up my anchor rope and Had to cut it to get loose


Hey guys I managed to suck up my anchor rope and Had to cut it to get loose. Any idea the thickness and how long it is? I need to order another rope? 2015 AR240

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  • At least 3/8" nylon, not more than 1/2" (overkill) and at least 100'.

    I usually anchor in really shallow water so I cut my 100' in half and made an eye splice on the cut end so I can join them if needed.

    Was your old rode nylon? Nylon sinks.

  • Not quite sure what it was to be honest but I think 100 feet is plenty for what I do. I was thinking 3/8 myself.

  • Erich Von Bannarrigga the bigger the easier it is to handle when bringing the anchor in, but it's quite a bit bulkier to stow.

  • Hrmm. Good call

  • So 1/2" 50 feet is it! Just don't know what kind of rope it is.

  • You can use a braided line, but it's more expensive. Or simple 3 strand twisted.

    I have 3/8" 3 strand twisted. You can splice it pretty easy. The braided line is much more difficult to splice.

  • Thank you!

  • You're welcome. It's only a suggestion.

  • I was at walmart and they had the same line I got with boat for $38, 100ft. In case you're in a pinch

  • All I've been able to find at my local walmarts is 3/8". Nothing wrong with that unless you want the bigger line.

  • Not sure the exact size etc, put it looks exactly like post on Overton. I through about buying it because I've been in 30ft with high current, wind and waves, my anchor pulls up, so adding another 25+ft would help.

  • Yes. Sometime the full 100' might not be enough in 30'.

  • I've had the worst time anchoring on semi bad days, added a total of 15ft of chain, which has helped.

  • Every website I've read seems to say more chain and more rope. 7-1 scope even. I can't see putting out 70' of rode for 10' of water.

  • I have lots of trouble in any wind over 15mph.

  • I go out on Long Island Sound and go to Charles Island. There are big boats all around me dropping with their auto systems and only a few feet. I don't get that much space to drop that much line, it's really tough. So I drop, back into it a bit let line out, see if it catches, etc etc. It pulls sometimes and that worries me, especially if I go paddle boarding, i don't want to come back to an issue. Oh boating, good times. I did you my grill last week, that went over well, and saved a lot of money.

  • Yup

  • Get double braid. Twisted sucks

  • Is that what my OEM rope is made of?

  • What's it look like. I guarantee you Yamaha does not make rope

  • I'll post a picture tomorrow at some point