Hey guys I ve got a blaster that is giving me major problems Everything is...


Hey guys, I've got a blaster that is giving me major problems. Everything is good, carbs clean, new jets and all passage ways are clear or debree, flywheel key is new(old one sheared), coil is new and within spec, stator ohms out, has good compression, new plug, getting good spark, new gaskets all around.

Now it will fire up for a few seconds after about 5kicks, then it dies out soon. If I give it any gas when it's running it dies, it's easier to start with choke, but if it starts with choke and I go to close the choke it dies, same as if I start it closed and open it. I have no idea what the issue could be, piston an rings and crank are all solid.

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  • Here's my blaster

  • If it run better with the choke on that tells me the pilot circuit is obstructed. When you cleaned the carb did you shoot carb cleaner through all the tiny holes in the body of the carb? An did you pull emulsion tube out an make sure it was clean around inner portion of the tube? It only takes a piece of debris about the size of 3 sand grains to obstruct pilot circuit in the carb body

  • Yes I did,what do you mean by emulsion tube

  • The tube that the needle slides down into, an the main jet screws into

  • It will push out into the throat of the carb, push it out from the main jet side up into the throat.

  • Okay, that is the only thing I haven't done. I'll give it a try once I get off work!

  • I didnt read all comments but did u leak test

  • I didn't do a leak test, however all gaskets and crank seals were just replaced

  • Sounds like the carb is dirty or its leaking air. Ive seen alot of carbs cleaned that still have plugged passages

  • I just can't think it's the carb, I've been threw the thing a million times now, however I'll give it another go and see if maybe I can come up with something! It did this before I replaced everything, and nothing has really made any difference

  • New gaskets, even with sealant on them can leak.

    Overtighten a carb boot screw a little more than specs can warp the reed block and create an air leak.

  • Cleaned it out and it fired right up!! Your a life saver! Haha. Been dicking with this quad now for 2 months on an off.

  • Lol awesome man, I'm so happy you got it fixed.

  • Okay now I'm lost again.. went out today and it starts an dies like before, pulled carb and went threw everything again, it all looks good... I'm at a loss on this one..