Hey guys quick question should i be able to pull replace a spark plug wire on a...


Hey guys quick question, should i be able to pull/replace a spark plug wire on a 2014 yz250?

Here is the situation i run a 2014 engine in my 03 frame with the 14 carb and i can't run the 14 harness because of the spark plug wire being too short. I cant plug the 03 coil with its wire om the 14 harness, they are different.

I am now running the 03 harness and cdi with the 14 engine but i know they dont have the same stroke/timing etc.. i woukd rrally like to run the new harness on my bike.

I did not try pulling too hard on the spark plug wire to avoid breaking it. Is it removable or its a solid wire to the coil?


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  • Yes the thick ht lead. Is it glued in? Is there any trick to get it out without destroying anything?

  • All right thanks!

  • I tried and even with some force but will try again

  • Screw it out mate its simple to do it..