Hey guys Sad news Today I was hearing very unusual sound during braking with...


Hey guys! Sad news. Today I was hearing very unusual sound during braking with engine and its for sure coming from cardan shaft connecting to engine.

What should I expect for cost of repair? Anybody with this experience?

Thank you

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  • David Did you have strange noise when you shut off the throttle and engine was braking ?

  • ...and the mod I did on my dad's to prevent it happening in the first place. Notice the pin through the flat face of the nut.

  • Yes, I did. I had to nurse it home (over 400 miles) using the back brake instead of engine braking.

  • Thanks mate!

  • The nut comes loose because it is not staked properly at the factory. When it comes loose it allows radial forces to be applied to the shaft. This in time tires the shaft and it eventually snaps. A sign that your nut is loose is similar to a slack chain kind of feeling. To prevent this you need to torque check the nut and lock it in place.

  • Although I think it may be too late for you!

  • David Reynolds I noticed few times when I was accelarting from 0 that there was some sound like "clap" from that place. And today the sounds during brake engine sounds like a Tram braking.

  • That's the one!

  • I fixed my broken main shaft in xv750 by my self like David Reynolds shows. If You jest weird sound when

  • You wanna to brake by engine it can be this issue....

  • Repair is easy and cheap but You have to do it carefully.

  • Check my FB album Wiśniówka w naprawie, to see some photos. I even dont removed engine from frame :)

  • I will thanks man!

  • After repair dont forget to change engine oil because you will have mamy metal scraps from those cone gear at the ent of axis, this gear are pulled into engine side when you breaking by engine and pulled out when you accelerate, you can feel little movement in Booth directions now when its broken, most important during repair is to reduce this movement to zero. You will know whut i mean when you disasemble cardan.

  • Very good idea, Dave.