Hey guys So i ve been without a ride for almost 12 months and now looking for...

Hey guys.. So i've been without a ride for almost 12 months and now looking for my next bike... Have been lusting after Vmax for a long time, but recently been looking at bulldog. Read some reviews on MCN which weren't exactly glowing, especially on low bhp (64 ?). Thought it would be better to come on here and ask people who actually ride bulldogs. Looking to buy in sept and from what i can see on ebay you get alot of bike for not bank breaking budget.....so convince me guys :)

  • Mine has new jets, kn filters and leo vince. Think its got 80hp, more than enough to cruise. Vengine is the one!

  • I think I got short changed there, I've had mine dyno'ed k&n filter and they managed to get me 67.

  • What else did you (not) change to increase hp/torque ? I myself was wondering what the gain would be e.g. without changing the exhaust.

  • I've fitted new dominator pipes, took out the db killers when I had it Dyno mapped it was running at 63,when they finished they got it up to 67

  • But regardless of the that it was noticeable smoother

  • Dave did you do any changes to the airbox ?

  • No I didn't, what can be done to that?

  • Think Alexandru means: the stock air intake is quite small and can be replaced by a wider one, eg a tdm one. Also you need to remove the constrictors in the carburators. Thats what i read

  • The constructors have been removed

  • The bulldog is awsome

    Great Bike To have fun al the way

    With a few minor things that you could change

    It turns out with 90 bhp and 100 nm

    So make the right choise

    Buy a bulldog

  • thanks for your views and comments guys......decided i'll be getting one, so watch this space. I'll posts pics soon as i've got one :) hopefully withgin next 5 weeks

  • About 48 brake at the rear wheel, manufacturers claims are at the crank, dump the airbor put twin k&ns under the tank with a stage 3 dynojet and it turns into an animal

  • I know I have had six

  • Have you got a bully yet as I'm looking at one as well , not sure about the power.

  • Not yet paul, hoping to have funds through next few weeks

  • If your ok with up to100mph go for one paul you won't regret it, they handle really well on corners and give other sit up style bikes a run for there money up to above speed, also tons and tons of grin facter

  • Ernst Bürer restrictors.

  • Hi ...I've tried a lot of bikes before setting for the Bulldog. But belive me : I'm in deeeeep love. Just enough power and speed to keep you alive and to keep the drivers lisence. A perfect bike if you're not into wheely racing driving ...go for it, you're never regret.

  • Hi bro where did you get your belly pan from if you don't mind me asking cheers woody

  • I bought a complete dog just for the belly pan. I then sold the bike. It is from the factory issue V Metal kit. I have the complete kit and I am selling off all the bits.

  • Stephen Walbey thanks bro I have looked every where for one but no one seems to stock them

  • The Bulldog is a tailor made bike for those who want torque, comfort, good road holding without being extreme and nice appearance. If you are looking for other features don't buy it.

  • totally unavailable anywhere

  • Have a ride in sardinia and test mine. Its on sale because i have no time to use it as i would. Write private if you want. ;)

  • Steve Brighton i really want To know if you got the bulldog or not

    But if you did

    Get the dynokit

    Get a kn airfilter

    Get a air intake from the tdm 850

    And if you have Some bucks To spend on the bull

    Change the muffler/exhaust

    And have fun

  • not yet michel...hopefully next month....waiting on funds and thanks for the advice :)

  • Damm