Hey guys. This is for anyone who has the yamaha stickers on their tank


Hey guys! This is for anyone who has the yamaha stickers on their tank. would someone be so kind and measure the length and width of the sticker for me? Thanks in advance!

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  • That must be the R or C spec. My standard just has the BOLT sticker in the lower right of the tank.

  • I will measure them after work and let you know.

  • My R spec only has BOLT also.

  • Mine had a safety sticker on the top of the tank that took some time to remove nicely

  • The EU bikes have the Yamaha sticker on them. American bikes get the BOLT one

  • I slowly picked at that sticker for 7 months. Stop lights, waiting in parking lots, or any other time I was around my bike. I didn't know what to do with my life after I got it all off. But it is beautiful, like it was never there.

  • From top left Y to botom right A = 240mm the hight of the lettering = 33mm or 9,44 inch by 1,299 inch.

  • Haha yea not sure why they do that.

  • Thank you sir!! Appreciate it

  • I wish yamaha in the UK had gone with the plain tank.

    I managed to get my self a U.S. spec gas tank, so I have a plain black bolt!!