Hey guys what tyres are you running on your fz6r Looking to replace my ones...


Hey guys, what tyres are you running on your fz6r? Looking to replace my ones but not sure what to look for. Just mainly used for commuting and the occasional weekend ride. Any suggestions?

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  • I had similar needs to yours. Did Pilot Road 4. Wish they were a bit stickier and more confidence inspiring as you approach peg dragging, and the are kinda pricey, but they have great dry grip, way better than expected wet grip, and will last forever.

  • yea just did some research. Might get the Pilot Road 2s

  • Do u ride in rain a lot??? Pr3's and 4's all day. If not get the power 3's. My opinion: power series has more grip. I've been caught in monsoons and they held up great. Had them on the fz6r and now on the fz1. Pirelli gt's are good and q3's are talked about a lot too. Best investment u can make is good tires. Either way u will be happy.

  • I really wanted Powers for grip but commuted 5 days a week on the bike at the time, only got to good twisties twice a month, so I went Road. I ride less now that I have a baby to drive around, my next set will be Powers

  • Its winter! Get the pr4! Do you ride in the rain?

  • ride regardless but rarely get caught in the rain. but if it does rain then i have no option but to ride!

  • Powers are still dual compound. U can get good life out of them

  • I got half the k's out of pp3's compared to what i got out of pr3's

  • I choose stickier. :-D yeah I just figure if I get 10,000 miles out of a tire, that's pretty good. I don't mind the cost.

  • I got 12000 out of the pr3's but only 6000 out of the pp3's

  • U rip a lot? I commute mostly

  • Rip? I was commuting every day with weekend hill rides when i had the pp3's

  • Yeah I just don't know how hard u ride. I guess I'll see on the fz1. Have 5500 miles on them and they're still in great condition. How are you're roads???

  • Roads are fine, it was the commuting that killed them, had a flat spot in the middle.

  • Gotcha

  • It all depends what kind of riding you do and how much are you willing to spend.

    I went for stock tires as I only use to ride to work and back with occasional wot here and there.

    As long as you know the tire and its limitations you are good

  • Michelin pilot road 3s. I have about 12,000 miles on them. They are beginning to get squared off, but I'm betting I have at least 8,000 more miles to go, since it looks like the tread depths are all still very deep even in the center. Will definitely buy these or pr4s again. Great for having commuting!

  • Road pilot 4's, had the 3's previously but changing to 4's improved handling

  • I have a Shinko Vertex 2 on the rear right now. Works fine and they're a good price.

  • I use the Bridgestone battlelax evos I like them