• Hey I m in search of a passenger seat for my bolt If anyone has one for a...

    Hey I'm in search of a passenger seat for my bolt. If anyone has one for a decent price comment in here! I'm also looking for the passenger foot rests along with the seat too btw.

    • I have a passenger seat but no pegs or mounts

    • I'm doing the same thing. I found one in the yamaha's web page... it's the whole kit for 207 plus shipping. Haven't bought it yet, but I think that's the best option since it's the one that matches my solo seat

    • Amazon has the whole kit for like 170 ish but I was hoping to get it cheaper. In Maryland the passenger has to have foot pegs or it won't pass inspection.

    • I also have the stock riders seat and backrest

    • Do you have the foot rest?

    • Nope, just the rider and passenger seat and backrest. I replaced the stock seats with Mustang, so no pegs.

    • Oh ok

    • Thanks anyway. I need the whole kit.