Appreciate the add. I don't have bike yet and have never ridden before, everyone wants me to get an R6 but I'm not really looking for a 'go-fast' bike rather than a good commute bike, I've been reading a lot of reviews on the two and hear that the FZ is a lot more comfortable and still has decent power.

Just wanted to see if I could get some opinions, pros/cons of the fz and convince myself to get one.

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  • I regretted not getting the r6 personally. But I wanted more power.

  • After 2 years I outgrew it. It was a necessary step in my opinion. It is arguably the best starting bike

  • Rode mine from Ottawa Canada to California this summer. I'd say it's a pretty good commuter bike!

  • You'll fucking love it !!!!

    Braap Braap!

  • im selling mine..come buy :)

  • was my first bike..i picked up so fast im already bored..but it made a good first

  • I might have if i was still in oregon, I'm on the east coast lol

  • lol im in california..oops haha

  • You'll love it. But be warned... You might crave more power. Lol.

    Also, once you start riding with other people... Youre mind will start turning into modding the bike and be satisfied or selling it and upgrading lol.

  • I got a 800hp vette, I got power but I just need something more economical that can be fun at the same time lol

  • Youd be surprised...Ive been in high HP cars too. Hahaha. Hard to beat a bike that makes 200hp and weighting in at only 450lbs lol.

    Also, picture of the vette!!! One of my dreams is to have a nice small block and push out maybe... 500whp stuffed in a Falcon or a Nova II... Hell, I'll take a Datsun also lol

  • I'm scared of bikes so I know even if I got something bigger I wouldn't ever use the power, 95% of where I'm at thinks 500hp is fast, and even a fz could keep up I'm sure.

    Blk one is mine, I have it turned down until I build my block. Grey one makes ~1400 turned up. I had 510rw on a simple heads/cam setup.

  • Oooooooooooooooooooo!!! Fucker got a chute!

  • Well, the FZ6R is only a 13sec bike so you'll be okay. Haha. Still quick enough to get killed hahaha.

  • Fz6r is not keeping up with that.

  • Maybe from a dig lol...

  • I walked up/away from modded r6s with my old NA setup, like I said power isn't an issue I just want to cruise and commute lol.

  • Then it will be a very fun commuter. The bike is quite flick able and the low to mid range tq plays great for urban environments.

  • i said the same thing, fz would be enough i dont need anymore, i was mistaken

  • But you don't have an 800hp vette lol

  • Yeah r6 is the stupidest thing you could buy for your needs. Get a fz6 or fz6r and you will never regret it

  • I'm always reminded of a story I read years ago, about a cafe that, because of the surrounding mountain roads, was a popular hang out for sport bike riders. One day this guy shows up on a plain Sportster. Gets razzed a bit about his bike. Then proceeds to beat everybody else up the hill. The guy on the Sportster was an AMA racer. The point being, what's the sense of owning a race bike, if you can't make it perform well enough to make up for its deficiencies? I like my FZ6R. I've debated on getting something bigger, but admit that it will be a long time before I can look in the mirror and honestly say my skill surpasses it's ability.

  • Exactly if I did I would want power on the bike as well, in my eyes if you mod your car and want more power, it's going to transfer to when you ride the bike. And after a bit you will get bored with it and want something quicker as I did. But that's just me everyone is different.

  • if you're considering a 600 and you've never ridden you're an idiot and anyone on here who thinks otherwise is retarded

  • The FZ6R is a 600. Whats wrong with that? Everyone's learning curve is quite different. Some quicker, some slower.

    But to say someones retarded for starting off with a 600 is stupid within it self.

  • How is it bad to start on a 600? I started on a cbr600rr and was fine.

  • My first bike was a 600. I think it's the MAX someone should start on, but it's a fine starter bike...specifically so the FZ6R given it's upright stance

  • And lack of power

  • uhhh sam, this might not be the right group for you.

  • 1. chill the fuck out

    2. everyone is different

    3. you're calling a lot of people on here idiots

    4. you sound like an angry 12 yr old.

    5. i think its passed your bed time.

    6. good night now.

  • Lol if any of you think learning on a $5000 motorcycle is a good idea you're all morons and I'll gladly leave

  • Will Dalton just because someone doesn't approve of something doesn't automatically make them angry.. I'm actually laughing rn, you are all hilarious. Can't wait to see Tony Christian post photos of his first stack on his new FZ6R.

    I wouldn't trust any decision you make because nobody even taught you how to make a list...

    1. chill out

    4. you sound angry & 12

    5. another jab at my age

    6. yet another...

    can call me 12 all you want.. I might look young but I'm aging a far sight better than you m8 ;)

  • Please don't group me in with people who are overzealous, not everyone is too worried about going fast.

  • worried? someone who has never ridden a motorcycle on a machine that does 0-60 in under 4 seconds and keeps going to 150mph is an accident waiting to happen. I'm more concerned about the innocent pedestrians and other road users who could potentially be hurt in a collision. I don't really give 2 shits about the fuckwit who put everyone including themselves in danger.

  • Yea maybe you should get some counseling. The internet seems to be overwhelming you.

  • Never took my 2005 on a long trip but id think it would get annoying how it revs at 5k when in top gear at just 60mph. Heck u can cruze at 35 in 6th gear if u wanted. I find myself shifting way too much in town. I ride 25 minutes to and from work and I notice it vibrating due to higher rpm. Maybe I'm just old.