Hi All


Hi All,

I have a 98 Yamaha XT 350. I have misplaced my ignition key. Is there a way to get a new key for the ignition and gas cap? Thanks Frank

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  • Not sure if your a purist or not but evilbay has them cheap. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/272188752180

  • Thanks Jeremiah....how do you handle the gas cap though?

  • you'll need a new one with a different key. this stuff isn't rocket sience. without finding a used matching set of cap and key (or paying out the ass for a NOS set) your only option is to have two keys. or see what a lock smith can do

  • Lock smith .... take the key switch off... a good locksmith can make a key with a " tumbler" finder .... guy around here charges $45

  • They sell those as well .pain in the ass 2 different keys but easy fix . Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/252579516675

  • theres a 3 digit code on the underside of the switch. any locksmith or yamaha dealer can cut one.

  • David green makes keys for these old yammies. When he sees I tagged him I'm

    Sure he'll chime in.

  • Check eBay, I got mine for 7$ when it fell out

  • This should be it

  • That is likely your best bet. I doubt your XT has a 4 digit # that I would have. The key code may be on the ignition.. Likely a 5 digit # but if its a 4 I would do my best to help ya

  • NOT 100% true. Most Yamaha dealers cannot do the older keys. Maybe some do but the ones around me don't

  • David Green i know 5 dealers and 4 locksmiths that do them by code. they use the curtis code book, ive done them for close to 35 years. can do all brands but kaw. kaw never released their key codes to about 1998-99 and then to kaw dealers only

  • Thanks to ALL for the info. It's appreciated!

  • Hey Josh. Where is the code? Is that the number written by the key slot??

  • Locksmiths... Some. I use one myself. Dealers... Not around me anyway. They do the new stuff but NOT 3 and 4 digit keys. One near me can GET them but have to have them shipped from Calif and they are REALLY expensive. One in Omaha (Dillon Brothers Motorsports) doesn't even wanna talk to you about old keys. Not worth their time I think....

  • AND... Most locksmiths around me don't wanna carry the correct blanks... "not enough call for them..."

  • So... I guess my original comment was to your statement of "any locksmith or dealer". That is incorrect. Maybe around you... Not around me. Not trying to pick a fight, mostly just stating that its best to call your dealer or a locksmith FIRST before you drive there and find out they cannot help you

  • Yes

  • Frank Profe if you have the # off the top of the ignition you can PM me and I will see if I have one...

  • oh no there is not a number there ....where else would it be?

  • Frank Profe its too new then most likely. Danny Alexander said its on the bottom of the switch... I don't mess with bikes newer than '79 or '80 so you might try there

  • lol it's a bear to get at that LOL

  • This is one of mine....