Hi all can any of you recommend a tyre


Hi all can any of you recommend a tyre.

I have had my tracer for 7 weeks and think the bad feel from the front is tyre's, I have got the suspension set as good as I can get.

But the handling is still not very good


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  • Avon Storm Ultra 2 are great - just fitted my 2nd set. Cheaper than PR4, Roadsmart etc.

  • I think the key think here is "and think the bad feel from the front is tyre's". that work Think is a big deal when you're spending out £100 on a new front tyre to find your hunch was wrong

  • i'm sure its the tyres. I've never had a tyre so bad in the wet before. Theres loads more to it, the tyre just washes out.

  • Changed the originals after 200 miles.... They are crap !

  • what've you done suspension-wise?

  • its not the suspension. It was sliding out at 20mph around a junction. Not even fast enough for the suspension to start working.

  • or perhaps the suspension SHOULD have been working?

  • at 20mph on a neutral throttle? Nah. It hadn't had chance. Certainly the tyres.

    I've had alsorts. Even an SV650 years ago with the most basic shit suspension.. n that would of even been okay at much faster than that

  • Some of this i am sure is believing that everything in the press is gospel, i went from t30 evo on my fazer to the dunlop oe tyre on my tracer and the tracer has always felt better than the fazer in the wet and dry for that matter thats not to say the oe dunlop is better than the evo obviously but it certainly isnt that bad a tyre.

  • I never googled the d222's until recently when i thought how shite they are after running the Tracer in.

    Fazers must of been really shit then

  • I had no problems with the Dunlops, but I don't ride when its wet! I decided on Angel GT's, which seem to be good tyres. Will probably go with the new Metzlers next.

  • Tyres it' s a personal decision only, and it has to do with your drive style (one of the reasons)...i think!

  • Hi again

    I have changed tyres to Michelin pilot road 3 !! What a difference this is only my first ride on them but no more wobbles it now turns with confidence very happy

  • They are a good tyre mate.


  • I had Pirelli Angel st's on my k7 gsxr 600, though I havnt tried them yet on the tracer but would have no problem doing so as even when giving them plenty to cope with they gave great grip in the wet or dry, lasted forever and were good enough for a track day too! Should be interesting on the tracer when new the new boots are due!