Hi all greetings from Darwin Australia I ve enjoyed all your posts bike...

Hi all, greetings from Darwin, Australia. I've enjoyed all your posts (bike-related or otherwise) since I've joined this group.

I've had my bike about three weeks, it's a daily commuter and a weekend warrior all the same, just finished my first 1000 km service and have no regrets with my V-Star 650 Custom. I've only ever ridden my dad's bikes before: a Honda Shadow and a Suzuki Intruder; this is my first own bike, brand new even. I'm 33 years old, I thought I'd have my quarter life crisis now.

Just wanted to pick the collective brain on two issues:

1) anyone ever used the Barons back sweep risers before (4" rise, 1 1/2" backwards offset, 1" clamping area)? I'm feeling discomfort in my shoulders and arms, like I'm leaning forward and can't relax my arms. Anyway, I don't want to change my cables at this point of time, and apparently, the Baron risers won't require me to.

2) is the Vince & Hines exhaust really worth it? It'll cost me AU$600 installed. I'm not looking to make the bike sound more "Harley", but this is probably the only mod I really need for that little bit more "growl", and besides, they look freaking awesome.

Thanks in advance, keep riding and be safe.