Hi all I just got a two brothers full exhaust system for my fz6r Can I fit it...


Hi all I just got a two brothers full exhaust system for my fz6r. Can I fit it on my bike without putting a power Commander on it. I also have the smog delete blank offs and also want to know if I can fit that as well. I'm pretty sure my stock exhaust has an oxygen sensor on it however the two brothers exhaust doesn't have a hole for that to go. The bike shop said that I can just disconnect the oxygen sensor until I get a power commander

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  • If it does run it'll run like a bucket of shit and you could damage the engine.. Save a little longer

  • put a PCV on and use the two brothers map. Two brothers pipe is fairly open so it will run leaner and can strip the oil off the cylinder walls and burn things up over time. You dont need an o2 sensor for a PCV to work however if you get the autotuner also youll need to weld an o2 sensor bung in

  • Following. Got block plates. Waiting for 2 bros to arrive. Let me know how you go bro.

  • Whats a good pcv bro? Looking at some on ebay and there is a big difference in price on the dynojet ones. Is this a good one???

  • That's a PCV also called PC5. That will work great. Dynojetc makes PC3s but I'm not sure if they made them for fz6r. In any case..a Dynojet PCV is probably your best bet. I'm not veryfamiliar with juicebox but that might be an option. You'd have to ask someone else on those

  • How much time does the full exhaust install take? I am trying to get a quote for install since I don't have the tools. Someone quoted me $170 which I felt is too high.

  • I got quoted 2 hrs labor @ $150 an hour. AUD though.

  • If you don't have a pc get them to weld a bung for the o2 sensor in before you fit it, or leave it off and get a pc.

  • All good . I bought the pcv hooking it up today.

    Anyone done smog blank offs