Hi all I want to take my stupid bunny ear mirrors off The only thing keeping...

Hi all, I want to take my stupid bunny ear mirrors off. The only thing keeping me from doing that is seeing those ugly holes where the mirrors are. Is there any mirror block off plates or other ways to cover it? Thanks!

  • 07 zx6r mirrors look great.

  • I don't want mirrors but they look good on the bike.

  • Grayson Wilson Most states require at least one. I doubt cops will really say anything about not having them but you never know. I can't see how anyone rides without at least one though. I'm always checking them to make sure there aren't any hazards around me.

  • I'm going to get bar ends probably. But I just want to know if there is any block off plates for the stock mirrors

  • Gotcha. Yeah I've seen block off plates at cycle gear and on eBay.

  • Link?

  • I put stainless Washers and the bolts back in.

    Doesn't look bad.

  • Bar end mirrors and cover the holes with black screws. I used the same ones the bike comes with just painted them black.

  • Fit straight on and look awesome

  • I got some very similar to this but with indicators on them..Look the mutts nuts and make the front end seem a lot more streamlined

  • The only thing that should be keeping you from doing it should be not being able to see behind you for shit anymore. I'm all seriousness though I have heard zx6r mirrors are the next best option.

  • If you position them in the right spot, they are good..

    They are not as good for view as the originals however they look way more better