Hi all let me introduce myself


Hi all let me introduce myself

My name is jay ( jeroen in dutch) am a phone mechanic and ride serveral bikes and one of them is my (for me) new bulldog with orange accents from 2003 with allmost 40 K on the engine but euns like a charm

At this point he is allmost completely stock except for the mirrors levers and some minor chrome parts that are made black

Since a month or two i am busy with transforming all the orange parts to a carbon overlay like the tank fender etc

But first i am doing it all on my supermotard so i can do it perfect on the bulldog

If any questions ........shoot

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  • Hi. What material are you using for the carbon overlay? Next to some carbon parts, I am going to apply this roll of film i bought.

  • I am using real carbon with epoxy coating

    Have done car wrapping for a few years (had a buisness in carwrapping ) but the real thing is ten times more nicer

  • but if you use wrap take the 5D that one looks way better ;)

  • Too late