• Hi everyone

    Hi everyone ,

    My bike is just a few days old and I have noticed that after changing from 2nd to 3rd there is a squeeling whining noise as the clutch handle is almost released. It sounds like the noise is coming from the left front side but I could be wrong about that .It happens at low revs and medium revs. Havent tried it at over 6000 cause its still new . I have resorted to riding the clutch out slowly to eliminate the noise .Has anyone else experienced the noise ?I will try upshifing without the clutch to see if the noise happens .thanks in advance

    • Welcome in. I have not heard of this problem. Maybe others have? Maybe get it to your dealers for them to check.

    • Could you be mistaking the "Tripple Whistle" you get from a Tripple? Though that is only heard as you accelerate....

    • I've not experienced that!

    • Yeah its when the accelerator is off or almost off .. Someone on another forum has a similar sound when changing down to 3rd from 4th .Not a whistle and its doesnt seem normal to me . Will ask the dealer but as I am in Japan I will probably get an answer from the book.

    • Not the CCT? I've heard one mention of that being dodgy. Could be in that rev range. That's on the right hand side though.

    • I would think the CCT would be a rattling sound . And the sounds goes when the clutch is completely released.Appreciate the thoughts though.

    • I've got exactly the same thing happening with my Tracer so will be interested if you find anything out before me

      I'm not sure what gear changes are causing it yet but will check next time out

      Not riding much at the moment due to work:(

    • Roy , How old is your bike? I wondering if it will settle down as the bike gets run in? I will keep investigating so maybe between the 2 of us we can figure it out.

    • Hi Bob

      Got the bike on 1st March this year and only completed 710 miles so far Not able to ride much at the moment due to work pressures

      Will let you know if I find anything out