Hi everyone I thought I would share my latest experience I called Star...


Hi everyone. I thought I would share my latest experience. I called Star Motorcycles customer service to find out if there was any update regarding the iPhone 5 adapter. After being on hold for 20 minutes the representative tells me, "the iPhone adapter on the bike isn't made for the iPhone 5!"


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  • I also picked up an older nano, but it doesn't hold all of my music

  • Let's keep each other posted.

  • About 10 years ago I needed a winter job so I went long haul trucking and discovered XM. I now have it in my work pick up, my office, my house and motorcycle. I have friends who are local radio DJ's but I never hear them. I'm hooked, it's one of the reasons I bought a Deluxe.......my Ipod has my usual 70's rock I listen to while working out.....it works perfectly on the Deluxe.

  • I use an adapter. Works good unless it get's unplugged. I put the iphone in the net bag in the saddle bag and the plug usually stays in. Very rarely something in my saddle bag hits it and it unplugs. Would be nice to have a better adapter than the one they have come out with though.

  • I have just dedicated my 32gb I pod touch to the bike.

  • Hi Sheila. I got a IPhone adapter

  • From Radio Shack for like $18.00 works great. 13 pin to IPhone 5a

  • Really? What's the model number?

  • Hey Sheila Ambrose I don't know the model number but show them this. They also have one with a six inch wire extension on the smaller end. Works good!

  • Thanks!